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Greenhouse Automation - Marketability Survey

We are in the process of determining whether or not it would be feasible to offer the greenhouse automation components for sale to the general public. You can assist us in this effort by sharing your views on the marketability of the project. Answer as many questions as you like—any help is appreciated—and thank you in advance for any insight you are able to provide.

Please indicate your region of residence: 

Do you think any of the greenhouse automation components are marketable?  Yes  No

If you answered 'yes' ...

Please indicate which of the following components might be of interest to you and what you would expect the cost to be:

Vent Controller ......... $
Fan Controller .......... $
Thermal Controller ... $

Do you think the Environment Manager Platform should be offered for sale?  Yes  No
    If you answered 'yes' ... what would you expect the cost to be?  $

Would you support this project if it were listed on Kickstarter or a similar crowdfunding resource?  Yes  No

Are you interested in developing your own system using some of the greenhouse automation components?  Yes  No

Would it be important to offer the whole system (including environment manager) as a complete kitYes  No

Would you like to see the Vent Controller adapted to fit the vents of other brands of greenhouses?  Yes  No
    If you answered 'yes' ... please list some of the brands in the box below:


Use the box below to provide any additional remarks:


Please tell us what led you to our Greenhouse Automation pages: 

Would you like to give us an e-mail address that we can use to notify you about important news regarding the forward progress of the project? E-mail addresses will not be shared with anyone and will not appear to other respondents.
  If so, record your e-mail address here:  

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Click the 'Submit' button below to record your survey answers. Click the 'Reset' button below to clear all input fields.


Questions regarding the Greenhouse Automation Project may be sent to: 



This page last revised on 10/26/2017