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About Idea Kinetics

Idea Kinetics began operation in 1993 under the name of Asa Wilson & Associates and subsequently in 1997 the name was changed to TesselLabs. As part of relocating to the Colorado Springs area and in an effort to make the company name more intuitive, the name Idea Kinetics was adopted. This new name reflects the diverse interests and capabilities that have been developed over the history of the enterprise.

The business model of Idea Kinetics is based on maintaining a small nucleus of permanent staff and using a collaborative approach to supplying additional manpower or specialized services when needed for project fulfillment. This allows us to efficiently address small to medium scale projects while remaining available to participate in large projects as part of a consortium. When augmenting our forces, we call upon other highly qualified professionals that we have come to respect over the years. We can provide project services from initial design all the way through final delivery and support, we can supply only specific portions of the project development cycle, or we can operate as a subcontractor or staffing component working within an assembled team.

Principal Staff

Asa Wilson

Asa is the founder and primary development resource of Idea Kinetics. He has been a computer software systems engineer and developer since 1982. After working eleven years as a staff engineer in the industrial automation field he became an independent consultant, forming Asa Wilson & Associates in May of 1993 as mentioned above. Asa has a wide spectrum of capabilities including small scale electronic prototyping, device driver development, high-performance computing application development, data acquisition system design and development, embedded system design and implementation, large software application development, database applications, and more.

Adriana Wilson

Adriana has a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from U.C. Berkeley and is a Certified Public Accountant. She has taught mathematics at the community college level and worked for many years as a senior staff member in the area of financial analysis and reporting. In addition to serving as Business Manager for Idea Kinetics, she is called upon to assist with project estimation and tracking and to support project work involving numerical analysis. Since Adriana is fluent in Spanish, she helps in interfacing with our Hispanic clients.
Collaborative Resources

Keeva, LC

Professional engineers and programmers dedicated to automation control development using the latest in software and hardware technology. Our mission is to provide engineering, consulting and business services to end users, system integrators and suppliers of industrial automation products. Web site: www.keeva.net

Genee Lyn Wilson

Genee Lyn has a Bachelor of Science / Master of Engineering degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT. After graduating she worked for four years at Orbital Sciences Corporation as an Analog Engineer for the Power Subsystems group of the Space Systems division, making small to medium-sized satellites. In recent years she has set aside her full-time career to care for her young family. She is available for project work on an occasional, part-time basis.

Dan Henry

Dan is an independent developer with over 25 years of experience in creating embedded systems and software. His areas of expertise include data communications architecture and implementation, data logging and telemetry, RFID, automotive components, water and power utilities products, coprocessor applications, software libraries and drivers, modeling, and simulation. He develops products "from the bare metal up", whether it's a little microcontroller-based 'whizmatroid' or an embedded Linux system.

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