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Here are some examples of the experience and expertise available to you through our services:

Embedded system prototyping and development

  • Microchip PIC Microcontroller domain
    • Controller and actuator to open and close greenhouse vents as directed by an environmental management computer
    • Controller to regulate the speed of greenhouse circulation and exhaust fans as directed by an environmental management computer
    • Controller to collect temperature data and control low-voltage devices as directed by an environmental management computer
    • Controller to animate christmas light patterns as directed by a central computer
    • Error injection module to induce single-bit and line errors for serial communications
    • Synchronous to asynchronous serial converter to capture infrared data transmissions
  • Raspberry Pi domain
    • Greenhouse automation system that interacts with microntroller-based devices to regulate a greenhouse environment
    • Christmas light animation system that interacts with microntroller-based devices to control christmas light patterns
    • Data acquisition system for capturing water well performance metrics utilizing the Raspberry Pi discrete I/O and Serial Peripheral Interface resources
  • PC/104 domain - Designed and prototyped an embedded 48K sample/sec data acquisition system using PC/104 components. Created all the data acquisition board drivers and system resource support using interrupt driven assembly language routines. Developed a high-performance TCP/IP stack (IP, ARP, SNMP, and UDP) for communication support in this interrupt-critical environment.
  • Intel 8051 & Dallas DS225x soft/secure microcontroller domain - Developed embedded systems for the Intel 8051 microcontroller (using assembly language) as well as the Dallas 225x line of soft/secure microcontroller products (using the IAR integrated development package for C). Software was developed from the ground up, starting with the operating system boot routines, chip interfaces, keyboard, display, communication, and I/O drivers, and extending through the control application and user interface.
  • National Instruments' LabWindows/CVI domain - Designed and created a leading edge data acquisition and information display product using NI's LW/CVI development system. This included multi-threaded processes, as well as the development of a custom instrument driver communicating with a remote data acquisition unit via Ethernet.
C/C++ application development - Authored numerous and diverse programs written in C and C++ spanning:
  • Complex, large (100K+ line) programs for multi-tasking operating systems employing multi-threading and a variety of inter-process communication resources
  • Sophisticated communication engines for protocol conversion, firewall tunneling, multi-drop device control networks
  • Embedded analytical applications to characterize servo device dynamics, perform high-speed data acquisition
  • Automation and process control engines
  • Neural network implementations
  • And many more ...

Electronic Prototyping

  • Design, prototype, and test digital or analog electronic circuits in the DC to 100 MHz range
  • Equipped to lay out and produce single or double-sided circuit boards in  prototype or few-of-a-kind quantities

Database development

  • Microsoft SQL Server implementations - Implemented complete databases for the acquisition of process, production, and management data from a production enterprise consisting of 50 PLC/MMI systems.
  • Microsoft SQL Server stored procedure development - Created stored procedures and extended stored procedures to augment the Microsoft SQL Server capabilities and provide communication functions.
  • Microsoft Access development - Created sophisticated Microsoft Access applications that employ ODBC table links, native tables, parameterized queries, forms, reports, macros, and Visual BASIC for Applications (VBA) procedures and functions. Applications include a manufacturing SCADA system, a warehouse inventory system and a complete animal shelter database.

Industrial automation development

  • Rockwell Software SQL (RSSQL) implementations - Implemented an advanced, 15,000 datapoint system using RSSQL. Both unscheduled and scheduled transactions were used with data and application triggers to place data in a MS SQL Server database.
  • Rockwell Software Linx (RSLinx) custom interfaces - Applied RSLinx in support of commercial applications, as a DDE server, and with direct API transactions.
  • Modicon PLC custom loadable development - Our 'Products' section lists a number of custom loadables that we have developed for our own use. Other loadables can be quickly developed upon request.
  • Modicon Modbus Plus Programmable Bridge / Multiplexer development - The Modicon Modbus Plus Programmable Bridge / Multiplexer (BM85S) is an extremely versatile communication and co-processing tool for the Modbus Plus enterprise. By virtue of its substantial non-volatile program / data memory, 80188 processor and versatile communication hardware (one Modbus Plus port, four advanced serial communication ports), the BM85S can accomplish substantial computing and serial communication (115+ Kbps) tasks. Not only can this device connect foreign protocols to Modbus Plus, but it can also serve as a network co-processor to augment control algorithms. We have extensive expertise in the development of foreign communication protocol drivers and other advanced applications of the BM85S.
Comprehensive project fulfillment - Carried out all aspects of project implementation in a variety of projects for multiple customers:
  • Conducting initial end-user interviews to establish design and scope criteria
  • Workup of design requirements and specifications.
  • Cost estimation.
  • Development of bid proposal and list of deliverables.
  • Establishing development schedules.
  • Conducting interim and milestone reviews.
  • Coordinating with other development centers.
  • Producing the end product.
  • Delivering and installing the end product.
  • Providing follow-up and support.

Commercial software and systems expertise:

Development Tools: C/C++ (Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual C++), Assembler (80x86, 80188, 8051, Z80, PIC), SQL, BASIC (incl. VBA), Pascal, Lisp, Prologue, HTML, Java, LabWindows/CVI, Microsoft FrontPage, Unix tools: shell scripting, sed, awk, perl, python, expect
Operating Systems: Windows 7/XP/NT/Server etc., Solaris/Unix, On Time Real-time Kernel, Modicon Embedded OS
Business Applications: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office Professional Suite (incl. Project and Visio), Corel Office Professional Suite

Special training and certifications

  • Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks Emphasis
  • National Instruments' Real-time I and Real-time II training
  • ISCET Journeyman Certified Electronics Technician
  • FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License, Ship Radar Endorsement
  • Amateur Ham Radio License, Extra Class
  • Secret Security Clearance

Let us put these extensive capabilities to work on your next project!


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