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Developers of software and electronic solutions for research and industry
High Performance Computing Software Application Development Real-time Processing & Control
Industrial Automation Serial Communications Database Development
Data Acquisition Protocol Conversion PLC Applications
Electronic Design & Prototyping TCP/IP & Ethernet Applications Data Analysis & Reporting
  Embedded Systems  
Serving clients in the US and Canada

Welcome to Idea Kinetics--"Where ideas are put to work." We offer consulting services in the area of software and electronic product design and delivery for a variety of commercial venues, spanning general applications, automation, embedded products, data gathering and analysis, communication bridges and interfaces, machine control, and manufacturing. We are set apart from our competitors by the wide range of services and roles that we can supply, the diverse and advanced computing expertise that we are able to bring to a project, and our ability to delve into the electronic hardware arena including design, development, and prototyping.

Please take a moment to browse the site. Be sure to take a look at the broad experience and skills that we are able to apply to your development needs and review the testimonies that we have received regarding the quality of our product.


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